Two lives, One impossible mission

Patricia Pavlik is left behind at the end of America's most infamous war. 

Thirty-four years later she's still held in a remote part of Laos and is struggling to survive.

Quintyn Ames is a troubled government worker who discovers the truth.

Will he be betrayed also?  Or can he find a way to bring her home.

Kirkus Reviews 

 The American Pearl is a  "gripping" story 

5 Stars  - Readers' Favorite 

  I love the characters in The American Pearl. 

I love Patricia Pavlik as much as I love Quintyn. 

And, oh yeah, the writing is fantastic.  

-Ray Simmons, Readers' Favorite

MidWest Book Reviews says 

The American Pearl is 

“…hard-hitting, absorbing,  and hard to put down”   

 “…engrossing, thought-provoking, and

  filled with action that makes it a different,  

highly recommended read” 

 D. Donavon, 

Senior Editor  


The Girl on Mill Street

The Girl on Mill Street

  Annie Taylor knows the  darkest lie of all. 

“I never saw it coming!” 

“Fascinating story, unique style, different....” 

“I recommend this book for anyone  who enjoys a good plot twist.”  

 Amazon Reviewers

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Madeleine’s Kiss

"Uniquely gripping" 

"Riveting and eye-opening" 

"This won't be your usual thriller or mystery" 

     Midwest Book Reviews    

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